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Help and Resources for Connecticut Manufacturers

There are many organizations - government, non-profit and private - dedicated to the support and success of industry in Connecticut. Some are focused specifically on the manufacturing sector, and others have a broader mission that also includes manufacturing.

So often we hear from our manufacturing clients in Connecticut that finding qualified skilled workers is getting more difficult. Did you know that there are major efforts being made to address this issue? We invite you to watch this video - it's enlightening and inspirational. And visit the website of Next Generation Manufacturing - it may lead you to a valuable new source of talent.

Next Generation Manufacturing

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Strategic Grants for Manufacturers

Governor M. Jodi Rell recently announced a new effort called the Connecticut Small Business Innovation and Diversification program (SBIDP) to help Connecticut's small businesses develop, produce and commercialize exciting new products. Click here for more details

Did you know... Connecticut's manufacturing firms
  • make up more than 5,400 of the state's businesses
  • provide 191,000 jobs, or 11.5% of the state's total employment
  • pay $13.3 billion annually in wages and salaries
  • generate $24 billion in GDP
  • lead the way on trade, exporting more than $9 billion annually in durable and nondurable goods

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The New England Trade Adjustment Assistance Center (NETAAC) was formed to aid New England manufacturing companies that have been negatively impacted by import trade. Qualifying businesses receive financial assistance through a cost-sharing model that helps to fund business-building consulting projects. These projects can include marketing and positioning strategies, ecommerce, lean manufacturing implementation, and ISO compliance and registration initiatives.

Lisa L. McHatton, Director
New England Trade Adjustment Assistance Center, Inc. (NETAAC)
71 Faulkner Street, N. Billerica, MA 01862
Phone: 978.663.9870 ~ Fax: 978.663.9820

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CONNSTEP's mission is to help Connecticut manufacturers apply advanced manufacturing and management methodologies to become more competitive, supporting the growth of Connecticut's economy.

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The Connecticut Business & Industry Association (CBIA) is a professional service organization, recognized as the most effective advocate for business in the state. We work at the state Capitol on behalf of our 10,000 members, and they rely on our products, services and information to grow and compete in a global economy.

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Connecticut Innovations

Connecticut Innovations plays an important role in the drive to make Connecticut a global center of technology innovation. From sophisticated software to advanced biotechnology solutions to next-generation energy sources and beyond, Connecticut Innovations is eager to help technology of all kinds flourish in Connecticut.

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Regional Center for Next Generation Manufacturing

Regional Center for Next Generation Manufacturing
The Regional Center for Next Generation Manufacturing addresses the need for highly skilled workers in the new manufacturing workplace by building programs that provide resources to educators and students interested in learning new technologies in manufacturing.

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Small Business Innovation and Diversification Program

Small Business Innovation and Diversification Program
The objective of this program is to strengthen existing Connecticut manufacturers by facilitating and/or accelerating the development, sales and manufacturing of innovative, diverse products (including software) and services. The specific objective is to enable firms to design and develop innovative technologies that diversify their portfolio of products thereby retaining/increasing sales and employment in the State. This is a pilot program. Grants will average between $5,000 to $25,000. Application submittal began in December 2009 and will continue until June 2011.

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Manufacturing Alliance of Connecticut is dedicated to "preserving, promoting and protecting manufacturing in Connecticut". MAC is a crucial link between manufacturing and state government, and has been at the forefront of group purchasing to improve member's profitability.

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