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Internet Search Optimization

How can your company get found on the internet?

ThomasNet is the leading online vertical search site connecting industrial sellers and buyers locally and worldwide.

Each month more than 3 million visitors search
ThomasNet for specialized vendors.

  • ThomasNet has frequent users from tens of thousands of organizations, large and small, in business, industry, health care military, government ... and more.
  • 96% of the Fortune 500 companies use ThomasNet
  • 1 in 4 ThomasNet users is an engineer

Do you want to know how many searches are conducted on ThomasNet for your most important Keywords and Search Terms? Get a FREE Keyword Report

The Internet is one of the
best business tools available, period.

Get Found ... Get Business

A ThomasNet Search Optimization Program Will Increase Your Sales.

A high rank in specific search terms on ThomasNet is achieved by purchasing Rank Points.

Programs are customized to meet your exact needs.

  • Target the markets you want – local, national or global.
  • Target the Keywords and Search Terms that are most profitable for your   company.

We work closely with you to measure your results

Free Web Activity Reports

Receive detailed reports of your company's activity on ThomasNet. You may choose to receive these reports monthly or quarterly and annually. This is a great way to watch your internet activity increase year to year.

Web Traxs®

ThomasNet's client-side Website tracking solution provides you with information about where your Website visitors are coming from, what pages they are viewing when they are on your website, how long they are on your website, keywords they are using to get there, etc. This is valuable marketing intelligence for developing your ongoing internet marketing strategies.  Click here for more information

Download these free industry fact sheets

PDFAerospace and Defense (PDF - 472KB)
PDFMedical Device Manufacturers, Pharmaceuticals and Laboratories
(PDF - 490KB)
PDFThe U.S. Government (PDF - 619KB)
PDFEnergy and Renewal Energy (PDF - 448KB)

Growth in vertical search
Advertisers on vertical sites are able to reach potential customers who are much closer to making a purchase decision than the average user on Google or Yahoo, according to Greg Sterling, an analyst with The Kelsey Group. He told that that’s the whole motivation for advertising on vertical sites. For example, he said someone doing a search on, an automobile search engine, is probably more serious about buying a car than someone doing a car search on a general search engine. The cost of advertising on the large search engines is also likely to drive more marketers to vertical search.source: Wikipedia

Manufacturers Are Taking Action 
70% of manufacturers say they’re employing these strategies to help them survive and succeed during these changing times:
  • Developing new or innovative products
  • Looking for business in new industries
  • Exploring new sales channels
  • Increasing online marketing

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