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Online Catalogs

"93% of industrial buyers use the internet to research purchase decisions.
If your website doesn't provide the information they need,
91% of them will seek a new supplier."
source: Enquiro/Marketing Sherpa

Give your prospects - and your customers - what they need to do more business with you.

Navigator Powering Your Bussiness

Navigator®, ThomasNet's proprietary online catalog platform, delivers a dynamically driven product catalog on your website.

Many advanced functionalities have been developed to specifically meet the needs of the buyers and engineers who use the internet to find what they need.

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  • Parametric Search - by product specifications.
  • Product Configurator - allow buyers to select from your standard options to get the products that meet their specifications.
  • Replacement Parts -make it easy for customers to find and order replacement parts on your website.
  • Search - by product group, part numbers, etc.
  • E-Commerce - turn your website into a 24/7 sales channel.
  • Private Catalogs - offer your premium customers access to their own Private Catalog including their own specific pricing, terms, and special part numbers.
  • Distributor Catalogs - Distributor Content Syndication is designed to disseminate your online catalog within your distributors' websites, giving their buyers access to complete and up-to-date product information.

Additional benefits of Navigator® to the profits of your business

Get Found on the Web
Navigator® will improve your website's ability to be found on search engines by highly qualified buyers looking for very specific information. ThomasNet has worked with thousands of manufacturers and distributors to implement a strong Content Optimization strategy built on a solid foundation of detailed content and the leading technology of Navigator®.

Business Systems Integration
Navigator® can be integrated in real-time into the internal systems that run your business. Increase the effectiveness of your overall operation by streamlining order processing, managing customer orders through to fulfillment and letting your customers know how much inventory of each product is available.

Track Details of Your Online Catalog Activity
You will be able to review details of your Navigator® online catalog in Activity Reports provided monthly (example below), and in real time through Webtraxs®.

Online Catalog Report Example
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Online Catalog Report ex

Content Management
Navigator® is enabled with easy-to-use content management tools so that your product information can be kept up to date simply and efficiently. There is Help Desk support every business day from 8 am to 8 pm est.

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YouTubeHear more about their success  
"With our online catalog from ThomasNet, we're staying ahead of the recession." Jim Voss, General Manager
Moore Industrial Hardware

YouTubeHear more about their success  
"Sales revenues have risen 20 percent to more than $10 million, and Flex attributes at least 50 percent of that growth to the Website powered by ThomasNet's technology. In addition, Flex is beginning to do international business, and that business is contributing to about 6 percent of sales." Ed Friedhoff,
President Flex Products

YouTubeHear more about their success  
"CDM Electronics has nearly tripled our search engine exposure in one year because of our online catalog." Carmen DeLeo, General Manager
CDM Electronics

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