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PR and Online Advertising

As magazine readership and trade show attendance decline, industrial buyers and specifiers depend on the internet to stay informed.

78% of buyers look for their industry news
online. 49% spend 1-3 hours a week
looking online for product news.

You can easily take advantage of this powerful and productive media as part of a complete internet marketing strategy

Press Releases

We can help your company reach buyers and specifiers with new product information and news about your company ... ABSOLUTELY FREE.

  • If you already have a press releases prepared, send it to us at
  • If you would like help in writing a press release, send an Email to and let us know a convenient time to contact you for the information.

Online Advertising

Online Advertising Increases Name/Brand Recognition … and Sales

  • Position your company/brand as an industry leader
  • Positively impress your current customers
  • Increase visits from qualified prospects to your website
  • Increase searches for your company name/brand on the internet

We can help you make a big impact
at a very low cost on ThomasNet News.

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Category Sponsorship Ads
  Category Sponsorship Ads - A Display Ad at the top of the page. Only one company at a time can hold this position per news category. This gives you an exclusive opportunity to the top-of-mind with all the readers of a ThomasNet News category.

Category Tile Ads - Vertically-rotating tile Display Ads down the side of the ThomasNet News page. Up to six companies can purchase ads on the page per news category.

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Company-Specific Ads

Company-Specific Ads - Run Display Ads within the context of your company's news release on ThomasNet News. Promote your company in this space, and prevent competitors from placing their ads next to your news.
  Keyword Packages

Keyword Packages - You can purchase specific keywords/phrases in news stories and press releases. When the words appear on the page, your ad is displayed alongside the news item.
ThomasNet News
ThomasNet News is now the leading source online of industrial product news, information, business trends and analysis.

ThomasNet News is syndicated to over 43,000 news sites and portals across the internet.

ThomasNet News gets high ranks on internet searches.

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High ranks on internet searches

ThomasNet News gets high ranks on internet searches.
ThomasNet News has more
than 1,000,000 visitors
every month.
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